IDLER – TOSSING & TURNING – Debasis Tripathy


Though really, I’ve earned no right,
whatsoever to relaxation and rest,
yet against all the rue and regrets,
with rich incapability I’m blessed.  

I’ve already created volumes of vacuity;
I plan, I dream, I think, and I wink,
I wait – few things resolve themselves, 
I sit, sleep, eat and yeah, I drink!

Tossing and Turning

Tossing and turning on the bed while it tries
to catch a little sleep for your own sake,
the night that forever stays in your eyes
like our metropolitan city, always awake. 

Unaware, you pluck sleep out of my tired eyes 
with the umpteen tosses & turns, you make.
Do you know what my mind thinks and tries
to say? Stay still, for my sake, for our sake.

Debasis Tripathy does a regular desk job for an IT Company in Bangalore. Sometimes he writes – poems and short fiction.  
He tweets at @d_basis