STICKY FINGERS – Taylor Stewart

Sticky Fingers

“My fingers are NOT sticky,” my little sister hollars from across the living room. Our Mom stands over her, waiting for an explanation as to where she got this small collection of erasers and pencils. They both know that the ones shaped like sushi and french fries did not come from the Back to School Value Pack. Come on Mom, Baby Rachael wants to say. These items were borrowed, not stolen, from the school store. But still, this is an accusation that not even a six year old will take lightly.

I watch from the couch and see that her cheeks have puffed and bloomed like a strawberry flavored poptart. Panic settles in her little body as Baby Rachael steps forward. She sticks her trembled lip out, her teary eyes hellbent on clearing up the misunderstanding, “I wash my hands all the time!”

Taylor Wyna is a writer from Birmingham, Alabama whose work has been featured in Cypress Press, Aura Literary Arts Review, and Reckon Women. She has work forthcoming in the Amethyst Review and Emerge Literary Journal. Taylor serves as the Founder and EIC of Camellias, a Southern Regional magazine dedicated to the modern Southern woman. Say ‘hi’ on Twitter and Instagram @TayyWyna