SWINDLER ALLEY – Samuel Strathman

Swindler Alley

Turn a corner
onto Swindler Alley.

Uncle Sy has
a trench coat full 
of watches – 
holds his jacket
open with one hand,
while blowing his nose
with the other, magic.

Street meat is
the only food vendor.
Kosher, halal, vegan,
gluten free, Kamikaze –
you’re covered.

The fortune teller
envisions a perp
with both hands
in the tourists’ pockets.

“A good lesson, that.
Now empty your pockets
as if this is a hold-up – 
which it is!”

Find the man
in the tent
forging passports
for the price
of lycanthropy.

The documents never expire – 
or so you’re told.

Enjoy being Nancy
and Lacey Himmelfarb,
werewolf sisters 
for life!

Hope you enjoyed 
your visit.

No call-backs
or readmittance permitted.

Samuel Strathman is a poet, author, educator,
founder/editor-in-chief of Floodlight Poetry. Find
him on Twitter and Instagram @strathman.